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Case Study
Workplace design for a surveying technician


The company (69 employees) is engaged in remediation of contaminated soil and mining sites, soil storage, and surveying for mapping.

Employee's Disability and Functional Limitation:

The man has asthma and limited range of motion in his knee joints. Due to the disability, static postures (e.g. constant standing and long walking) and climatic as well as heavy physical loads requiring increased oxygen uptake during dynamic muscle work through the respiratory system are to be avoided. The GdB (degree of disability) is 50.


The man works as a surveyor for the employer.

Workplace and work task:

The surveying technician works in the company's geotechnical and cartography department. The employee's workplace is mostly outdoors. Within the company, the employee is responsible for the metrological recording of survey data. A static posture is avoided by alternating between walking and standing (during the outdoor measurement process) and sitting (while driving and in the office). The use of a lightweight satellite-supported measuring device (Global Positioning System GPS) reduces body strains caused by manual transport and use. The negative stresses caused by the climate can be compensated by appropriate work clothing and air conditioning of the vehicle.

Further Information

The employer received a grant from the Integration Office amounting to 50% of the costs incurred for the purchase of the measuring device and equipping the vehicle with an air-conditioning system. Advice was provided by the specialist engineering service for work design suitable for disabled people of the Integration Office - the so-called Technical Advisory Service.

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Last Update: 14 May 2013