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Product type:
Cycling shoe
Sneaker for cycling

Areas of application:
- Cycling in everyday life
- Description:
Product details
Innovative, multifunctional leather cycling shoe for everyday use
High level of comfort
DUALFLEX technology for best performance on the bike
Environmentally friendly manufacture
The TVL Asfalt DUALFLEX redefines the category cycling shoe. It is not only extremely comfortable to wear, but also offers the best possible performance on the bike thanks to its DUALFLEX technology! DUALFLEX prevents the foot from kinking when pedaling and supports the natural rolling of the foot when walking. This results in optimal walking comfort with maximum power transmission. Oiled leather is used as the upper material for this shoe, which on the one hand ensures a tidy look and on the other hand a long durability. The glued, almost seamless shaft also offers increased protection and a secure hold. The TVL Asfalt DUALFLEX also raises the bar when it comes to style - whether on a bike or in everyday life: it just always looks stylish. The rubberized SUPtraction® tread with 30% recycled content offers perfect grip on the pedal and guarantees a pleasant roll on the way to the office. The VAUDE Green Shape label stands for an environmentally friendly, functional product made from sustainable materials.

800 g

Features / components:

Upper shoe:
hydrophobic, oiled nubuck leather
certified leather from Terracare®
lining Made from 40% recycled polyester
Removable, anatomically shaped insole
V-Flow stability index 5, medium strength
Removable, anatomically shaped insole
VAUDE TVL Flat sole
innovative Shank technology
Optimized symbiosis of power transfer and comfort . DUALFLEX Shank prevents the foot from kinking when pedaling and supports the natural rolling of the foot when walking.
SUPtraction R² ° rubber compound
rubber outsole with 20% recycled content
ventilation holes in the tongue
DUALFLEX soles enable rigidity and optimal power transmission when pedaling and flexibility with the best comfort when walking. The special construction stiffens when pushing down (pedaling) and yields when pulling up (walking). Find out more about Dualflex.

Price (without guarantee):
180.00 EUR including VAT
Retail price

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VAUDE Sport GmbH & Co. KG


VAUDE Sport GmbH & Co. KG

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