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Diabetiker-Socken Sport

Product Type:

Areas of Application:
- for women
- for men
- for diabetics
- for sports

Diabetic socks are characterized by careful processing of the seams and soft cuffs. This takes into account the special requirements of the diabetic foot for uninfluenced blood circulation and minimized stress on the skin. The copper fibers also effectively fight bacteria, viruses and fungi in the foot area and thus further reduce the risk of infections.

Features / Components:
- elastic cuffs
- with closed toe
- flat seams
- material 55% cotton, 29% InCopper polyester (polyester with copper and zinc salts), 10% polyamide, 6% elastane
- washable up 40 degrees
- Sizes in 36-47

Price (without guarantee):
12.30 EUR including VAT
Retail price
Price date: 24.01.2020

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bonn-copper GmbH

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