Case Study
Arbeitsgestaltung für einen Straßenwärter


The employer is a road construction office of a state authority for road construction and traffic

Disability and functional limitation of the employee:

The right leg of the employee is shortened by two inches and the right foot is several sizes smaller than the left. Disability Because he needs special orthopedic shoes so that he could stand without restrictions and can go.

Training and job:

The man works as a street warden with his employer.

Workplace and duties:

The employee must wear caused by the hazard potential in the course of carrying roadworks, safety shoes. He can not wear normal clothing shoes or shoes through his leg shortening and the size difference of the two feet. To compensate for his shortening of the right leg and the difference in size of the feet, he contacted an orthopedic shoemaker. This took care of the safety shoes according to disability and safety requirements.

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Funding :

The disability-specific adaptation of the safety shoes was sponsored by the Office integration. In REHADAT you will find the address and phone the integration offices.

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