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Fleckspatz, Schürze mit Magnetverschluss

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Kitchen apron

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Fleckspatz, Schürze mit Magnetverschluss

Areas of Application:

- One-handedness
- Shoulder disease


The apron is pulled over the head. The waist band is attached to the sides of the apron body by magnets. A grip on the back is not necessary. With a little practice, the apron can also be put on with one hand.
Both the neck band and the waist band of the apron can be adjusted with buckles.

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29.50 EUR including VAT (sales)
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Stiftungsbereich proWerk
Quellenhofweg 25
33617 Bielefeld
Germany Telephone: 0521 1441816 Email: Homepage:


Silke Scholz
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Innenarchitektin; staatl. anerkannte Ergotherapeutin
Berliner Str. 62
32361 Pr. Oldendorf
Germany Telephone: 05742 922373 Email: Homepage:

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