Care and Hygiene

This section contains assistive products which provide necessary bodily care and personal care: washing, dressing, regulation of bodily excretions, wound prevention, and sexual stimulants.

These assistive products can:

  • Assist by washing, bathing, showering and body care
  • Enable use of the toilet
  • Absorb or drain off incontinence bodily excretions
  • Prevent pressure ulcers
  • Treat wounds
  • Provide and maintain artificial intestinal and urethral orifices (stoma)
  • Adapt clothing for wheelchair users, for people with reduced mobility
  • Adapt shoes for people with diabetic and orthopedic diseases
  • Facilitate putting on and removal of clothing and footwear
  • Stimulate sexual activity


Urine and Faeces Incontinence

Urine and faeces incontinence

Urine bags, pads, anal and vaginal tampons are required if urinary and / or bowel movements can not be controlled.

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Stoma Bag

Stoma care

Stoma bag, adhesive plates and skin protection devices are placed over the artificial opening in the abdomen (stoma).

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Assistive products for toileting

Toilets with built-in lower shower, toilet seats with built in lift, commodes and raised toilet seats enable use of the toilet without assistance.

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Washing, bathing and showering

Bath inserts, bath lifts, shower chairs and non-slip bath mats enable independent washing and bathing.

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Clothing and shoes

For people who can not put on standard everyday clothes or who find dressing painful, there are clothes available which are easy to put on and which also take into account the different limitations that people have.

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Cutout, a person puts on a shoe with a shoehorn

Assistive products for dressing and undressing

Dressing hooks, buttoning aids or shoehorns ease putting on and removal of clothes, socks and shoes for those with chronic back pain, or other mobility limitations through joint disorders.

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Erection Aids


Sexuality is part of life and contributes to physical and mental health. With sexual function disorders erection aids, vibrators or massage devices can help.

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Care & Hygiene

Body care and wound care

Disinfectants, nail files, bandages, mirrors or toothbrushes are used as assistive products for personal hygiene.

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Pressure Relieving Mattress

Decubitus prophylaxis

For the prevention and relief of pressure sores (decubitus) seat cushions or special mattresses can help.

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Body protection

Body protection

Helmets, safety glasses, hearing protection, respiratory masks, bandages, retaining belts and gloves are used as assistive products to protect the body. The intention is to protect the body from injury, foreign bodies and external influences.

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