Case Study
Barrierefreie Gestaltung eines Schulgebäudes für eine Lehrerin


The employer is a primary school

Disability and functional limitation of the employee:

The woman is a paraplegic. It is dependent on the constant use of a wheelchair. Your grasping space and their mobility are disability-related restricted. The degree of handicap (degree of disability) is 100 Your severely handicapped contains the markers G, aG, RF and H.

Education and work:

The wife is a teacher and teaches at a primary school In REHADAT you will also find advice centers for people with disabilities who want to study or already studying

Barrier-freedom - mobility (actual status):

The building of the primary school consists of an upper floor, ground floor and a basement. The main entrance is about 50 meters from the car park and can only be reached by stairs. The Rector, the Secretariat, the media and specialist rooms and the staff room are upstairs. The ground floor houses the class rooms, a relaxation room and the teachers toilets. The teacher used at school are not the toilet, but a single catheter urine bag. To set the catheter they must adopt a posture lying, which is not feasible without corresponding room with a reclining option. The kitchen, theater room and the work area are housed in the basement of the school building The teacher needs to the building and the floors achieve barrier-free and can change the disposable catheters hygienically Barrier-freedom - mobility desired status): So that the teacher independently reach the school building can a disabled parking space near the school building was set up and installed a ramp to overcome the staircase at the side entrance. The ramp was installed to reach the side entrance on the back side of the building, because only there, the allowable slope could be implemented by 6% for the ramp without any structural problems and the teacher, the last 20 meters can travel from disabled parking space protected from the weather here. In addition to the door of the entrance is equipped with a system for automatic door opening and closing. In addition to a staircase stair lift was installed with platform with which the teacher can reach the three levels of the building. In addition, a room below was created where they catheterize themselves, wash and can accommodate their utensils.

Assistive devices used:

intermittent catheters inserted through the urethra sink bimanual handrim-drive wheelchairs openers and closers Stairlifts with platform stationary ramps

Keywords and Further Information

Funding :

Barrier-free design was sponsored by the integration office In REHADAT you will also find the addresses and. telephone numbers of the offices for integration.

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