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Arbeitsgestaltung für einen Diplom-Psychologen


The non-profit support for the disabled runs a workshop for people with disabilities (sheltered workshops) with about 300 employees and a living area for about 180 people. In REHADAT you will also find the addresses and telephone numbers, and the literature on workshops for disabled people.

Disability and functional limitation of the employee:

The man has a paraplegic from 3/4 Cervical vertebra with a bladder and bowel paralysis and is dependent on the use of an electric wheelchair. Since he still has a low residual functional capacity in the arms and hands, control of electric wheelchair on a fork (as a joystick attachment) for manual recording is possible. The man is required because of the bladder and bowel paralysis, urine bag colostomy bag and to collect the body wastes - changing and pouring is done at home. The degree of handicap (degree of disability) is 100 His severely handicapped contains the markers B, G, aG, H and RF.

Training and job:

The psychologist works as head of the living area. The psychologist, for example, responsible for the creation and updating of the living area concept (care planning, etc.), advising on educational issues, the staff, the maintenance of quality standards and maintaining contacts with the relatives. He works mainly in his office at one workstation with a height-adjustable mobile or under a desk, and a conventional telephone. The computer and the phone could not be used due to disability and were therefore replaced by a laptop with voice control system and a mobile phone with voice control and headset. The laptop can be used on the move at meetings in other rooms and buildings both in the office. In addition, the psychologists is a digital voice recorder available, whose voice memos can be read by software in the laptop or a word processor. The tools used allow the psychologists a temporary work independently. For the remaining activities and operations it is hours, a job assistance available

Work environment - mobility:

For the daily commute and appointments outside the care facility (visit the outdoor living groups, etc.) the psychologist uses a car that has been customized disability justice and is driven by the work assistance. The entering and exiting the wheelchair is on the side on the passenger side of a sliding door and folding ramp. To ride with the wheelchair, the vehicle also features on the passenger side about a particular restraint or mounting system for the wheelchair. On the way to his office the need of the wheelchair psychologist must pass through a door, which was equipped with an electric motor drive and can be opened via a remote control.

Assistive devices used:

Aids for ostomy care 09 27 04 Urine bag without drain hole 12 12 21 Tools for turning on or charging a wheelchair without user in or on a motor vehicle 12 12 24 Aids for securing wheelchairs in vehicles 12 23 06 electrically powered wheelchairs with electronic steering 18 21 03 Openers and closers 22 18 03 Sound recorders and reproducers (dictaphones) 22 36 18 Input software 28 03 03 Worktables

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Funding :

Workplace design and was the work assistance is funded by the Office integration. The car for transportation was funded by the pension scheme. In REHADAT you will also find the addresses and telephone numbers of the offices for integration and the pension system.

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