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SAUER- Rechteckbeutel mit fest montiertem Adapter

Product Type:

Urinal bag with drainage port
- Incontinence aid for external urine drainage
- worn on the body
- for pedestrians, wheelchair users and children
- can be worn on the thigh or on the lower leg

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  1. SAUER- Rechteckbeutel mit fest montiertem Adapter 0,6 Lit
  2. SAUER- Rechteckbeutel mit fest montiertem Adapter 1,0 Lit

Features / Components:- Inclined inlet
- Return valve
- soft tube, 8 cm or 32 cm, can not be shortened
- stepped, fixed adapter
- slide valve
- PVC foil
- rectangular shape
- with strap eyelets
- for connection to all SAUER urinal condoms or SAUER catheters
- unsterile

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Manfred Sauer GmbH
Neurott 7 - 15
74931 Lobbach
Germany Telephone: 06226 960-100 Email: Homepage:


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Technical Data:

Article no. Bag volume / ml Tube length / cm SHI-No.
733.2232-xx 1000 32
732.2208-xx 600 08
732.2232-xx 600 32

- Packing unit: 10, 30 or 50 pieces
For order no. Replace xx with desired packing unit
- 100% Inspection: Each bag is individually tested for leaktightness and functionality
- Free product samples available on request

Options / Accessories:

- Leg straps eg. Eg Art. 57.44 in combination with item no. 57.49
- SAUER fabric cover Art.-No. 70.08



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