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One-Piece Urine Leg Bag
- Incontinence Aids
- Worn on the Body
- For Wheelchair Users

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Features / Components:

- Oblique Intake
- Backstop
- Soft Tube, 35cm
- Swivel, Slide or Rotary

- angled shape
- PVC film
- embossed film structure - to prevent sweating and sticking of the bag to the skin
- transparent
- with buckles
- specially adapted to the sitting posture
- clip-on adapter, smooth (for connection to Urinal condoms) or staged (for connection to catheter)
- for connection to all SAUER urinal condoms or SAUER catheters

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The price is available on request through the specialized trade.

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Manfred Sauer GmbH
Neurott 7 - 15
74931 Lobbach
Germany Telephone: 06226 960-100 Email: Homepage:


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Technical Data:

Article no. Bag contents / ml outlet adapter pharma central no. SHI no.
702.1335 700 Swivel tap smooth 06095208
702.1435 700 Swivel tap stepped 06095533
702.2335 700 Sliding tap smooth 06095272
702.2435 700 Sliding tap stepped 06095645
702.3335 700 Rotary cock smooth 06095237
702.3435 700 Rotary tap stepped 06095579

- Package: 10, 30 or 50 pieces
- 100% inspection: Each bag is individually tested for leaks and functionality
- All SAUER roll bags are also available in smaller capacity of 1000 ml
- SAUER- Rollibeutel: 701.1435, 701.2435 and 701.3435 are each also individually sterile packaged available. Disposable article (application period approx. 24 hours)
- free product samples available on request

Options / Accessories:

- Leg straps for example. Eg Art. 57.44 in combination with item no. 57.49
- SAUER fabric cover Art.-No. 70.13

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SAUER roll bag with swivel tap and stepped adapter 701.1435-xx 1000
SAUER roll bag with push-cock and smooth adapter 701.2335- xx 1000
SAUER roll bag with push-cock and stepped adapter 701.2435-xx 1000
SAUER roll bag with rotary tap and smooth adapter 701.3335-xx 1000
SAUER roll bag with rotary tap and stepped adapter 701.3435-xx 1000



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