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INNOVO | Beckenbodentrainer

Product Type:

Nerve Stimulator / Muscle Stimulator / Continence Stimulator
Technique: NMES (Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation)

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  1. INNOVO, Beckenbodentrainer
  2. INNOVO - Für Männer und Frauen

Areas of Application:

- Stress Incontinence
- Urinary Urinary Incontinence
- Urinary Incontinence
- Mixed Incontinence

Features / Components:

- Dual Channel Device
- 2 Programs for Incontinence Therapy
- non-invasive therapy
- multipath technology, - - 180 precise contractions in 30 minutes
- Therapy control by summing up the treatment time
- a break in treatment and a readmission is possible
- suitable for men and women


- INNOVO - Therapy Device
- Left and Right Cuffs
- Charger
- Stick Pad Set (8 Pads)
- Neck Strap
- Quick Start Guide
- Instructions for Use

Price (without guarantee):

The price is availale on request from the manufacturer / distributor.

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Atlantic Therapeutics Ltd
Parkmore Business Park West
Ireland Telephone: +353 91 774-348 Email: Homepage:


Atlantic Therapeutics GmbH
Im Oberwiesen 9
88682 Salem
Germany Telephone: 07553 59099000 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Programme 1 for treatment of stress incontinence
Frequency: 50 Hz
Pulse Width: 620 microseconds
Contraction: 5 seconds
Relaxation: 5 seconds
Maximum output current: 70 -120 mA
Waveform: symmetric biphasic square wave
Program 2 for treatment of urge incontinence
Frequency: 10 Hz
Pulse width: 250 microseconds
Contraction: 5 seconds
Relaxation: 0 seconds
Maximum output current: 70 mA
Waveform: balanced biphasic square wave

Options / Accessories:

- Replacement adhesive pads



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