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Technology: Functional electrical stimulation (FES)

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Areas of Application:

- Reduction of incorrect posture of the body
- Independent, painless walking
- Improved quality of life


- Dorsiflexion weakness / Peroneal paralysis
- Apoplexy (stroke)
- Traumatic brain injury (SHT)
- Spastic hemiparesis / cerebral palsy
- Multiple sclerosis (MS)
- Incomplete paralysis of the lower leg muscles
- Central paresis of the leg muscles
- Peripheral paresis as a result of accidents
- Herniated disc / spinal cord injuries


Deflection of the foot (peroneus paralysis) is damage to the peroneal nerve, which controls the lifting of the
foot. In such a case, walking naturally is very difficult or not possible at all. Another possible problem as a result of a weak foot dorsiflexion could be a possible permanent incorrect posture of the body with the resulting consequences.
The surface stimulator innoSTEP-WL can offer relief with the help of functional electrical stimulation (FES). So that the foot is lifted at the right moment, the heel switch sends a signal to the stimulator attached to the calf when it moves. This gives an electrical impulse from the outside to the fibrous nerve (peroneus nerve). So the foot can lift at the right moment.
The repeatedly transmitted impulses are perceived by the nerve structures (CNS) located in the brain and spinal cord and administered and processed as motor stimuli. It can lead to a stable neural new pathway, a better gait pattern and an increase in mobility.

Features / Components:

- MEMS sensor technology
- Gyroscope (gyro stabilizer)
- Individual programming
- Peroneal stimulation
- Accelerometer for precise stimulation
- Wireless


- innoSTEP-WL
- Remote control
- Cuff with integrated textile electrodes
- Device case
- Power supply unit with USB charging cable
- Plastic spray bottle (for moistening the textile electrodes)
- Instructions for use

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Europaplatz 2
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Germany Telephone: 06442 9421-0 Email: Homepage:

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