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Piesel Piepser Funki

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Enuresis therapy device for children

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Piesel Piepser Funki

Areas of Application:

Treatment of nocturnal wetting with an alarm device


The Piesel Beeper Funki is the most comfortable helper in the fight against bedwetting at night. It consists of a small transmitter that is positioned in the patients underpants. The transmitter is paired with a receiver via Bluetooth and sounds the alarm if the transmitter detects some moisture with the help of a smartphone app for iOS & Android. Just a few drops in the underpants trigger an alarm so that the child or the person affected can get up as early as possible. In this way, the reflex of waking up with a full bladder is trained again and the patient becomes dry. With the app, the pee event can also be entered directly in the digital diary. Thus, it is logged for the doctor and the consideration of his own success in the therapy.

Use the alarm clock every night.
The child should be able to switch off the alarm independently after a while.
In order to have control over constant use, a Overview calendar enclosed.


- Sensor / transmitter
- Receiver
- Battery set 1 x CR-2032 + 3 x AAA
- Switch pin
- Instructions for use, diary, sticker set & treatment protocol for parents
- Free app for iOS & Android in the App Store & Play Store

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170.58 EUR including VAT.
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Price date: 08/26/2020

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Klinkerweg 4
40699 Erkrath
Germany Telephone: 02104 9481-81 Email: Homepage:


Klinkerweg 4
40699 Erkrath
Germany Telephone: 02104 9481-81 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Receiver (L x W x H): 87 x 58 x 32 mm
Transmitter (Lx W x H): 59.5 x 30 x 8.9 mm
Weight transmitter / receiver: 9 g / 45 g



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