Assistive Product
Freedom Clear Advantage

Product Type:

self-adhesive condom urinal with aloe vera
- for urine diversion

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Freedom Clear

Special Feature:

ready to use

Features / Components:

- self-adhesive
- extra short 4 cm adhesive surface
- Aloe Vera skin protection in the adhesive surface
- backstop
- silicone
- without edge
- anti-kink protection
- color code system on the package

Price (without guarantee):

The price is available on request through the specialized trade.

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Product Information from the Manufacturer / Distributor:

Freedom Clear Advantage
Freedom Clear LS
Freedom Clear SS

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Coloplast GmbH
Kuehnstr. 75
22045 Hamburg
Germany Telephone: 040 669807-77 Email: Homepage:


Coloplast GmbH
Kuehnstr. 75
22045 Hamburg
Germany Telephone: 040 669807-77 Email: Homepage:

PharmaCare GmbH
Raiffeisenallee 16
82041 Oberhaching
Germany Telephone: 089 21966887-0 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Article no. Color Version Diameter / mm Pharmaceutical central no. SHI No. 233.0130 red small 23 2745661
233.0135 yellow medium 28 2745678
233.0140 green intermediate 31 2745684
233.0145 blue large 35 2745690
233.0150 gray x-large 40 2745709 15.25. 04.7004

- Package: 30 pcs.

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Product Article-No. SHI No.
Freedom Clear LS, extra long (6 cm adhesive surface) 2335290 to 2335590
Freedom Clear SS, extra short (4 cm adhesive surface) 2335110 to 2335410



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