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Inkontinenz-Therapiebadehosen / Inkontinenz-Therapiebadeanzüge

Product Type:
Incontinence-therapy pimples, incontinence-therapy puff-suits

Areas of Application:
- Bladder incontinence
- Fecal incontinence
- Therapeutic treatment in the water
- Underwater massage

The trousers and suits are made of light synthetic rubber sheets on the basis of neoprene. It is 3.5 mm thick material, coated internally and externally with nylon fabric, which is normally used for surfing sports suits and is suitable for incontinence bathing pants due to the wide water impermeability. The usual inserts can be worn underneath.

Features / Components:
- latex free
- allergic harmless
- absolutely watertight
- elastic or flexible
- isolating and skin-friendly

Price (without guarantee):
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Andreas Buse


BUSE Neoprenverarbeitung
Andreas Buse


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