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Netti Smart

Product Type:
Back cushions with side supports for wheelchairs, height-adjustable

Areas of Application:
- Backrest
- Pressure relief
- kyphosis
- Spine disease
- Spasticity
- wheelchair users

The back has a flip-over part with Velcro closure so that the pillow is fixed in the desired position.
At the back, 6 half-moons are shown to allow an exact adjustment of the horizontal position of the pad. This system also ensures correct positioning of the pad after washing.

Features / Components:
- multiple layers of foam
- ergonomic lumbar support
- 12 cm side guide
- individually adjustable in height infinitely variable
- Back height 50 or 60 cm
- Back height 40 cm for Netti mini (available in black and black / red)
- ergonomically shaped and precisely placed lumbar support for increased stability in the upper body
- breathing-active 3D or easy-to-clean EasyCare cover

Technical Data:
Back height:50 cm or 60 cm
Back width:all seat widths

Price (without guarantee):
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Alu Rehab ApS


Alu Rehab ApS

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