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Face mask with window

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Areas of Application:

(Information of the supplier)
- Deafness
- Hearing Impairment
- Filter material F9 according to DIN EN 779 Filter performance of 98% (NaCL according to EN 143)


The mouth protection mask consists of a transparent mask body, magnetic filter grids and adjustable head bands. Supplied with 20 replaceable filters.
Due to the flexible material the mask adapts to the shape of the face.
The magnetic grid with removal tab prevents direct contact with the contaminated filter.
The mask can be reused after professional reprocessing.

Features / Components:

- transparent mask body
- Mouth area clearly recognizable
- flexible mask material
- circumferential sealing lip in the nose area for the sealing seat
- Adjustable headband
- Material: TPE, polypropylene, silicone

Price (without guarantee):

48,73 EUR incl. tax
current delivery time: 3-4 weeks
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iuvas medical GmbH
Martin-Luther-Str. 2
81539 München
Germany Telephone: 089 215460330 Email: Homepage:

Beim Haferhof 5
25479 Ellerau
Germany Telephone: 04106 6556789 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Weight: approx. 77 g



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