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Antivibrationshandschuh WaveBreaker 633

Product Type:

Anti-vibration glove

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  1. WaveBreaker 633
  2. Anwendung Handschuh WaveBreaker 633

Areas of Application:

Vibration protection eg in machine, ship and aircraft construction


Depending on the work task and workplace, the vibrations of the work tools can be transferred to the shoulder via the hand and arm.
One brings the continued, constant use of vibrational machines in connection with various pathologies involving blood vessels, nerves, bones, muscles, and connective tissues of the hand. The glove offers vibration protection in the medium vibration range (TRM 31.5 to 200 Hz) and high vibration range (TRH 200 to 1250 Hz). The risk of HAVS (hand-arm vibration syndrome) is significantly reduced.

Features / Components:

- Modular version: separate outer glove
- Inner glove: with anti-vibration insert
- Grip safety: by artificial leather insert


- no slippage of the damping insert, good economy through exchangeable outer glove, protective function beyond wrist, good climate regulation by Outlast ®, material free of chrome VI, moisture repellent, 033 outer glove available separately

Price (without guarantee):

The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.

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Am Kreuzacker 9
36124 Eichenzell
Germany Telephone: 06659 87-300 Email: Homepage:


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Technical Data:

values according to EN10819:
TRM: <1.0 according to norm, KCL = 0.89
TRH: <0.6 according to norm, KCL = 0.59
Attenuation: 75-250 Hz



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