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Anziehhilfe Arion SlideX

Product Type:

Stocking puller
for support and compression stockings

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Anziehhilfe Arion SlideX

Areas of Application:

- Restricted mobility
- For nursing staff


For compression stockings with open or closed toe. Double-walled hose with a loop, made of a nylon fabric. The tube is first pulled over the foot, then the compression stocking can be pulled over it. Finally, the hose is pulled down using the loop at the tip of the foot.

Features / Components:

- Cloth jacket

Price (without guarantee):

27.70 EUR incl. VAT (sales)
End consumer price

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SHI-Medical Technical Aids Register |

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Arion Deutschland GmbH
Rutherford 10
52072 Aachen
Germany Telephone: 0241 95509350 Email: Homepage:


yourhealthfit GmbH
Carenaallee 7
15366 Hoppegarten
Germany Telephone: 03342 4204030 Email: Homepage:

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