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RUSSKA Teleskopischer Schuhanzieher

Product Type:

Areas of Application:
- limited mobility

The telescopic shoehorn puller with spring ensures shoe-dressing without stooping. Thanks to the integrated spring, getting into the shoe is easy and pleasant. The telescopic handle can be pulled out from 41 to 77 cm, so that shoes can be put on very back-friendly. The rubberized handle is safe in the hand. The leather strap attached to the handle serves as a loop for hanging. The cleaning is done with a mild household cleaner or disinfectant.

Features / Components:
- Stainless Steel, TPR
- Spring
- Rubberized Handle
- Suitable for Travel

Technical Data:
Length: 41 - 77 cm

Price (without guarantee):
10,90 EUR VAT included.
Retail price
Price Date: 04.11.2019

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RUSSKA Ludwig Bertram GmbH


RUSSKA Ludwig Bertram GmbH

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