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An- und Ausziehhilfe für Kompressionsstrümpfe

Product Type:
Stocking Drivers

Areas of Application:
- Limited Flexibility

Suitable for putting on compression stockings, but also for all other socks and stockings. Easy to use by medical and nursing staff even when bedridden. The dressing aid is also available with 2 side-mounted rods with handles. Thus, dressing for people with reduced mobility becomes even easier. You can also use the dressing aid as a practical pull-out aid. Simply pull the pulled stocking over the half tube from above, press the bars with the holding jaws against the half tube with the handles, pull foot upwards and press the tightening aid downwards.

Features / Components:
- rounded plastic half shell
- with Plastic tapes

Price (without guarantee):
58.91 EUR VAT included.
Retail price
Price Date: 28.02.2019

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servoprax GmbH

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