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leazy flat laces - Schnürsenkel

Product Type:

Areas of Application:
- Restricted movement
- Arm disability
- Hand disability
- People who cannot bend down

The shoelaces are flat, elastic laces that can be hooked into place. They are threaded like conventional shoelaces. Because of the barb, the elastic laces hook onto the last eyelet, and the laces hold by themselves. Tying, knotting or untying is not necessary.
The laces were designed to avoid bending down, which could damage your back.
They are available in 8 different colors and in 4 sizes (S / M / L and XL) with 4 to 7 eyelets per side.

Price (without guarantee):
9.95 EUR including VAT.
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keine Angaben


Cap Martel GmbH

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