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Rolly Rollstuhlponcho Allwetter-Cape mit Kapuze wetterfest

Product Type:
Wheelchair poncho

Areas of Application:
- for women and men
- for people who are dependent on a wheelchair

The poncho has a lined hood and a front zipper for easy dressing. The length from the top to the hem is approx. 104 cm on the front and approx. 66 cm on the back and thus remains away from wheelchair wheels.

Features / Components:
- front zip
- with hood
- plush collar and warm Inner lining
- Cut shorter at the back, the cape cannot get into the wheels
- Length from neck to hem: front 104 cm, back 66 cm
- Material: polyester-cotton blend
- machine washable, easy-care
- Colors: blue and red
- colors: gray, khaki
- size: one size

Price (without guarantee):
279.73 EUR including VAT
retail price

Product information of Manufacturer/Distributor:

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Tamonda -Senioren & Spezial Bedarf


Tamonda -Senioren & Spezial Bedarf

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