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Sanddecken / Gewichtsdecken / Beschwerungsdecken in verschiedenen Größen und Gewichten

Product Type:
Sand blankets / Weight blankets / Weight Coverage

Areas of Application:
(Provider Information)
- Body Perception
- Sand Therapy
- Body Perception
- Gross Motor Skill
- Fine Motor Skills
- Deep Relaxation
- Motor Unrest
- Sleep Through Problems
- Stress-related restlessness

(information provided by the supplier)
The interaction between the upper and the filling results in an even distribution of weight and pressure over the entire surface.
This allows an increase in body awareness, which can bring about a quick soothing and thus a better and deeper sleeping.
The materials are washable and suitable for allergy sufferers.

Features / Components:
Material: Upper: bi-elastic and three-dimensional special textile
Filling: washed fine-grained quartz sand or food-grade polymer filling

Available in various sizes and sizes
For example:
80 x 120 cm, 6 and 12 kg
80 x 120 cm, 6 and 6 kg
90 x 190 cm, 12 and 24 kg

Price (without guarantee):
The price is on request available from the manufacturer / distributor.

Product information of Manufacturer/Distributor:

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Beluga Tauchsport GmbH
Unternehmensbereich Beluga-HEALTHCARE


Beluga Tauchsport GmbH
Unternehmensbereich Beluga-HEALTHCARE

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