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Audio 1

Product Type:
Software program for auditory perception

Areas of Application:
- Perception, auditory (e.g. auditory discrimination)
- Auditory discrimination
- Basic figure perception (background noises)

The Audio 1 program trains auditory discrimination on noise and sound level. Animal voices, noises and sounds must be assigned to corresponding images, and sequences should be determined. Directional hearing can be practiced and the basic perception of the figure can be promoted by adding background noise. Audio 1 can be expanded as required in its 6 program parts with additional images and sounds (including language).

Over 120 sound sequences are supplied on the CD in the following areas:
Everyday animal noises
Body noises, instruments
Spoken words
Loud letters

Recognize noises and assigning the corresponding images is supported in the first 4 program parts of Audio 1 with different didactic means.

Program part 5 is about serial hearing perception and the last part of the program is about spatial hearing about directional hearing.

The program has its own Exercise parts expandable.

Hardware requirements: Standard PC: CD-ROM drive, 16-bit stereo sound card, loudspeakers / headphones
Operating system: from Windows 95 to XP

- Animal sounds
- Everyday noises
- Body noises
- Instruments
- Spoken words
- Sounds
- Letters

Hardware requirements: Standard PC, CD-ROM drive, 16-bit stereo sound card, loudspeakers / headphones
Can run under Windows XP / Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Price (without guarantee):
Single license: 89.90 EUR
Practice license (5 seats): 169.80 EUR
School license: 240 EUR
(each end user price including VAT .)
Price date: 07.09.2020

Product information of Manufacturer/Distributor:

Audio 1 Einzellizenz
Audio 1 Praxislizenz
Audio 1 Schullizenz

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K2-Verlag GmbH

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