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PALETTI - Konzentration und Wahrnehmung

Product Type:
Games for visual perception

Areas of Application:
- visual perception
- concentration and combinatorial thinking
- in special education
- for free work in primary education
- independent learning
- Ergotherapy

The learning disc consists of a wooden disc with circular indentations on the edge for the colored stones. The learning discs with the tasks are each launched. By solving the questions, the stones are used with the appropriate color. On the back of the learning wheel are the correct assignments so that the students can control themselves.

Features / Components:
- birchwood learning pallet with 12 color pieces
- learning disc pocket with 12 different learning discs

Order number: Model:
A900 Learning palette with 12 colored stones

Learning disc bags:
Order number: Model:
A961 Concentration and perception I
A962 Concentration and perception II

Price (without guarantee):
14.95 EUR VAT included.
Retail price
Price Date: 23.09.2019

Product information of Manufacturer/Distributor:

PALETTI für 1. und 2. Schuljahr
PALETTI für 3. und 4. Schuljahr

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Georg Westermann Verlag
Druckerei und Kartographische Anstalt GmbH & Co. KG


Georg Westermann Verlag
Druckerei und Kartographische Anstalt GmbH & Co. KG

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