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Geheimnisvoller Beutel: Geometrische Formen

Product Type:
fabric bag with geometrical wooden forms

Areas of Application:
- tactile training
- tactile perception
- stereognosis (recognition of objects by palpation)
- Ergotherapy
- Montessori pedagogy
- also in case of blindness, deafness

The material consists of 2 white cloth bags and two sets of wooden materials to feel: cube, half cube, half cube diagonal, quarter cube diagonal, prism, half prism diagnonal, chopsticks, cylinder, ball and egg. The aim is to practice the recognition and naming of the various materials through different senses.

Price (without guarantee):
38.68 EUR including VAT (sales)
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Price Date: 23.09.2019

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Nienhuis Montessori
by Heutink International


keine Angaben

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  • blindness /
  • classification of perception /
  • ergotherapy /
  • shape recognition /
  • stereognosis /
  • perception, tactile /
  • tactual training /
  • deafness /
  • ISO 04 36 03 /
  • ISO 04 36 /
  • hearing impairment



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