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Product Type:
Assignment Game for Visual Perception

Areas of Application:
- Perception Coordination
- Eye-Hand Coordination
- Visual Perception
- Shape Recognition
- Color Recognition
- Combination Ability

The wooden blocks printed in two-color geometrical basic shapes should match the templates to be ordered. The restriction to two colors, green and purple, in combination with the light beech wood and the interplay of square, triangle and quadrant results in a multitude of new patterns. The master booklet leads from very simple patterns of only four dice to sophisticated patterns and gives impulses for the free design.

Features / Components:
- 16 two-tone with basic geometric shapes printed wooden cubes, 3 x 3 cm
- game frame
- Master booklet with patterns to refill in original size
- Material: Beech wood

Price (without guarantee):
39.80 EUR including VAT (sales)
Retail price
Price Date: 23.09.2019



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keine Angaben


Jakobs GmbH

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  • eye-hand coordination /
  • perceptual coordination /
  • perception training /
  • shape recognition /
  • colour recognition /
  • classification game /
  • perception, visual /
  • ISO 04 36 /
  • ISO 04 36 06



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