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Rompa Musik-Sitzsack

Product Type:
Seatbag with music system

Areas of Application:
- Stimulation of body perception through vibratory stimulation
- Auditory perception
- Basal stimulation
- Music therapy
- Intellectual disability

The beanbag with built-in speakers and a colorful vinyl or silky Reference can be connected to a stereo system. The person resting on it dives deeply into the music and feels it with the whole body. This beanbag is designed for physically or mentally handicapped people and also provides a sound experience for deaf, blind or non-disabled people as well as auditory and tactile stimulation.

Technical Data:
Dimensions: 100 x 145 x 60 cm

with nylon-reinforced vinyl cover: 71.7% polyvinyl chloride, 28.3% polyester, available in red, blue, yellow, green or white
with PU cover: 86.4% nylon, 13.6% polyurethane, in white

Price (without guarantee):
1.249,00 EUR VAT included.
Retail price
Price Date: 23.09.2019



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Sport-Thieme GmbH

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  • ISO 04 36 03 /
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update status: 23.09.2019

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