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Brailletech Lightbox Colored

Product Type:
Aids to promote the visual ability of visually impaired children

Areas of Application:
- Child
- visual perception
- visual impairment

In conjunction with the appropriate promotional materials, the feeling for visual characteristics such as light color and shape can be awakened, and there are a variety of visual functions, such as B. Practice eye-following movements, scanning visual patterns, eye-hand coordination and visual discrimination.

The Ligh Box colored essentially consists of a translucent white plastic plate that is illuminated from below. This creates a uniformly illuminated work surface that increases the contrast and the luminance of the materials offered and thus takes into account the conditions of perception of highly visually impaired children. The Light Box colored is controlled using a remote control. With the five buttons, all important functions can be selected: switching on, switching off, switching from white to color, dimming, dynamic color modes. With the help of the color ring, numerous light colors can be continuously adjusted.
An electronic dimmer enables the light intensity to be adjusted to the needs of the individual child. By gradually reducing the light intensity, the transfer of the acquired skills to situations under normal lighting conditions can be supported.
Two variable, stable metal feet also allow the Light Box to be set up vertically. Thanks to the built-in holding rails, work foils are held in their position even in an inclined position. The cold, efficient and fluorescent light source (LED white 3000 cd / m²) is durable and housed in a stable metal housing.

Technical Data:
Dimensions: 550 mm x 380 mm x 60 mm (L x W x H)
Weight: 5 kg
Supply voltage: 220/230 V
Power consumption: 40 W
Luminance: 3000 cd / m2

Price (without guarantee):
1,599.65 EUR incl.VAT
Bag for Brailletec Lightbox colored: 52.43 EUR incl.VAT
Price date: 20.01.2020



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Blista Brailletec gGmbH


Blista Brailletec gGmbH

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update status: 20.01.2020

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