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Trainingsprogramm Wahrnehmung

Product Type:
- Training software
- Learning software

Areas of Application:
- Perception training
- Training of cognitive abilities
- Memory training
- Reaction training
- Coordination, combination and logic exercises

A program with a highly challenging nature. Your own photos, images and cliparts can be integrated into the program. The program contents can be compiled or edited by yourself, so that the task can be selected from very easy to very difficult. Can be used in special schools and elementary schools, in the rehabilitation area, accompanying ADD and LRS therapy, occupational therapy and aphasia therapy.

Features / Components:
- Connect points,
- Compare
- Select
- Puzzle
- Ghost hunt
- Reaction tests (visual and acoustic)
- Search for the same rows
- Complete
- Search for an image
- Remember (visual and auditory Exercises)
- Where am I?
- Version 7.3 for Windows XP to Windows 10

Price (without guarantee):
Single license: 89.90 EUR
School license: 240.00 EUR
Practice license for 5 seats: 149.90 EUR
(each retail price including VAT.
Price date: 11/16/2020

Product information of Manufacturer/Distributor:

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Eugen Traeger Verlag Entwicklung u. Vertrieb von Lern- u. Therapie-Software


Eugen Traeger Verlag Entwicklung u. Vertrieb von Lern- u. Therapie-Software

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