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- Training software

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  1. MyBrainTraining
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Areas of Application:

- Psychiatry, psychology, neurology, occupational therapy
- Improvement of cognitive performance in the areas of: attention, speed of information processing, working memory, verbal and visual learning and memory, thinking and problem solving
- schizophrenia
- AD (H) S
- Dependency disorders
- Use in clinics and practices as well as in teletherapy (Internet or app-based)


Cognitive training and brain performance training are often used in conjunction with therapy for psychiatric and neurological diseases. The goals are to increase cognitive performance and to motivate and activate clients in everyday life.

Features / Components:

- Online program for training cognitive performance
- Exercise software for the patient, management software for the therapist
- 30 scientifically proven exercises for the areas of working memory, executive functions, memory, logic, arithmetic, vision
- daily test
- access to training and administration via login - no local installation
- creation of training plans for the client, supervision of training, adjustment of training settings, Statistics on training progress and progress, management of therapists and patients
- free non-binding test
- 8 languages: German, English, Italian, French, Dutch, Spanish, Turkish, Russian

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neurocare group AG
Albert-Einstein-Str. 3
98693 Ilmenau
Germany Telephone: 089 35647670 Email: Homepage:


neurocare group AG
Albert-Einstein-Str. 3
98693 Ilmenau
Germany Telephone: 089 35647670 Email: Homepage:

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Browser add-on: Adobe Flash Player
Android: from version 2.3.3
iPhone: from version 6.0
Internet access: ADSL or faster



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