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Learning game for classification training
Three-dimensional placement game to develop abstraction and spatial imagination

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  1. Structuro - Spielinhalt
  2. Structuro

Areas of Application:

- Cognitive skill training
- Shape recognition
- Assignment according to colors and shapes
- Visual perception
- Pre- and primary school
- Child 4- 9 years


This construction game with different levels of difficulty promotes spatial imagination, abstract thinking and basic mathematical skills.

Series A: bodies, shown in parallel perspective with visible black edges, without color
Series B: like A, but colored ( yellow, red and blue)
Series C: Representation of the body without cube division, colored
Series D: Body only shown with floor plan, elevation and side view

Contents: 32 plastic cubes, colored, edge length 2.5 cm and 90 template cards 10 x 13 cm

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74.95 EUR
(retail price including VAT)
Price date: 11/10/2020

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