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Aids for cognitive training and grasping motor skills

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Areas of Application:

- Gripping motor skills
- Perception, visual
- Understanding of numbers and quantities
- Understanding of shapes and colors
- Determination of spatial position and position


Material for restoring, promoting and maintaining grasping motor skills, visual perception skills and cognitive performance such as understanding numbers and quantities, shapes and colors, and spatial, position and position descriptions. The breadboards accommodate cylinders, cones or rods in different sizes. They can be played individually or put together to form a giant breadboard (86.4 x 86.4 cm).


9 breadboards (28.8 x 28.8 cm), 24 cones (diameter 3.5 cm, L 18 cm), 24 cylinders (diameter 3.5 cm, L 20 cm), 12 cylinders (diameter 3.5 cm, L 5 cm), 36 cylinders (diameter 2 cm, L 10 cm), 50 cylinders (diameter 1 cm, L 20 cm), 120 cylinders (diameter 0.8 cm L 5 cm; 30 red, yellow, green, blue), 40 stainless steel pencils (diameter 0.4 cm, L 3 cm), rubber assortment with different colors and thicknesses, 4 thread cords of 3 m each (1 x red, yellow, green, blue), 1 eye cube (3 x 3 x 3 cm), 4 cover plates (28 x 28 cm, 1 x red, yellow, green, blue each), rubber assortment (4 red, blue, yellow, green each), plug-in modules in four colors: 80 balls (20 each per color); 40 rings with a diameter of 6 cm and 40 rings with a diameter of 4 cm (10 each per color); 40 triangles, squares and cubes (10 each per color).
The small parts are packed in linen bags.

Features / Components:

- Material: wood, partly painted in color

Price (without guarantee):

925.00 EUR including VAT
retail price
price date: 15.04.2020

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