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Magnettafel, groß / Magnetische große Buchstaben / Magnetische kleine Buchstaben / Magnetische Zahlen / Magnetische Holzklötzchen, 80 Teile

Product Type:
Magnetic games with numbers and letters

Areas of Application:
- Visual impairment
- Blindness
- Shape recognition, shape consistency
- Tactile perception, stereognosia
- Learning from letters and numbers

The following kits are for blind, visually impaired and seeing children equally suitable. These games make it easy to learn to distinguish between different shapes (disks, cuboids, cubes, raised circles, squares, rectangles, circles, triangles, etc.). They can be used as parts of a puzzle or pattern and thus stimulate imagination and creativity. Magnetic letters and numbers can accompany lessons in kindergarten, preschool and primary school. This enables blind children to grasp the signs of the sighted, to put them together later to form words that can then be used to form sentences. You can put together the following individual kits according to your wishes:

Order number: Model: Price:
1804251 Magnetic board, small 31 x 45 cm 26.64 EUR
1804252 Magnetic board, large 50 x 60 cm 53.39 EUR
1804260 Magnetic large letters 51 pieces in a bag 29.85 EUR
1804261 Magnetic small Letters 51 pieces in a bag EUR 29.85
1804262 Magnetic numbers 20 pieces in a bag EUR 14.90
1804266 Magnetic wooden blocks, 80 pieces in a bag EUR 29.85

Price (without guarantee):
including VAT (sales)
retail price
price date: 15.04.2020



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update status: 15.04.2020

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