Assistive Product ATAVT Adaptiver Tachistokopischer Verkehrsauffassungstest

Product Type:

- Diagnostic software

Areas of Application:

- Psychological test
- Clinical psychology
- Performance diagnostics
- Attention test
- Perception test


Checking the visual ability to observe and gaining an overview as well as the visual orientation performance and the speed of comprehension. The subject is briefly presented with pictures of traffic situations. After each picture he should indicate what was on it. He can choose from five predefined answer options. The item presentation takes place adaptively, ie after an initial phase in the progressing test process, the subjects are increasingly only presented with items for processing that are difficult in terms of their performance ,

Features / Components:

- S1: for the specification in countries with right-hand traffic
- S2: for the specification in countries with left-hand traffic.
- S5: linear form.
- S6: linear form.
- Standard sample in the amount of N = 1190 people
- Execution time approx. 10 min.

Price (without guarantee):

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