Assistive Product MOI Multimethodische Objektive Interessensbatterie

Product Type:

- Diagnostic Software

Areas of Application:

- psychological test
- Attitude and Interest Tests


The test measures vocational interests based on Holland's job interest theory. These include interests in the practical-technical, intellectual-research, artistic-linguistic, social, entrepreneurial and administrative fields. In addition to the common query of interests by means of a verbal test, MOI also determines these non-verbally (picture lists) and with the help of an objective personality test. In addition, a questionnaire is available for recording professional identity (clarity of ideas about professional goals). This attitude and interest test was developed with school and career counseling in mind.

Features / Components:

- S1: variable form (implicit/explicit measurement), duration: 40-60 minutes
- S2: short form (explicit measurement), duration 15-20 minutes
- modular
- test form available for online submission open mode
- Table
- Profile
- Processing time
- Confidence interval
- Test protocol
- Special graphical presentation of results1
- Prepared Word report

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