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NEUROvitalis - Stadtplanspiel

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Game for memory training

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  1. NEUROvitalis - Stadtplanspiel
  2. NEUROvitalis - Stadtplanspiel
  3. NEUROvitalis - Stadtplanspiel

Areas of Application:

- impaired memory
- dementia
- aphasia


This word-finding activation game is about assigning superordinate and subordinate terms. This promotes memory and language skills. The category memory game can be used in individual and group therapy for the prevention and treatment of memory disorders and dementias as well as for aphasia therapy. There are several game variants. The picture cards are laid out face down or face down. The city map game trains spatial thinking and planning skills by searching a city map for important stations in a time-efficient manner.


- 97 route maps
- 24 position points
- large character
Players: 1 - 8

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48.69 EUR
(Retail price including VAT)
Price date: 09/30/2020

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ProLog Therapie- und Lernmittel GmbH
Olpener Str. 59
51103 Köln
Germany Telephone: 0221 66091-0 Email: Homepage:

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