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Lateraltraining AlphaTrainer Set

Product Type:

Training software

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  1. Lateraltraining nach Warnke
  2. Lateraltraining Alpha Trainer Set

Areas of Application:

- Speech therapy
- For speech disorders


Your child hears a text from a CD in the headphones (wandering from ear to ear). It silently reads the same text in its text book.
Then your child speaks the same text into the microphone. It now hears its own voice wandering from ear to ear. In the third step, your child hears the text from the CD and speaks (reads) in parallel to the microphone. Your own voice and that of others are always heard in opposite directions; Both walk from ear to ear here too.
By hearing your own and someone elses voice as a role model, your child automatically learns to understand language better. Vocabulary, pronunciation and spelling are among the skills that lateral training specifically promotes.

Features / Components:

- Strengthening cooperation between the two hemispheres of the brain
- Actively promoting attention and concentration
- Processing and perceiving language more reliably
- Listening and understanding Improve sustainably
- Connection options for two microphones and headphones
- Connection for special glasses
- Special consonant enhancement (integrated) can be activated
- Switchable noise generator
- Mono / stereo function
- Artificial stereo stereos can be played on CDs
- Storage of all settings

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MediTECH Electronic GmbH
Langer Acker 7
30900 Wedemark
Germany Telephone: 05130 97778-0 Email: Homepage:


MediTECH Electronic GmbH
Langer Acker 7
30900 Wedemark
Germany Telephone: 05130 97778-0 Email: Homepage:

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