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Lips Cheeks Trainer

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- Respiratory therapy
- Speech therapy
- Speech and voice disorders
- Tone dysregulation (orofacial muscles),
- Respiratory and support system, whole body)
- Hypersalivation, limited saliva control
- mouth breathing, open mouth posture
- velum strengthening in the palate of the lips and jaws - - cleft sails, rhinolalia / rhinophonia
- pneumonia prophylaxis in immobile patients
- voice care and bronchial toilet
- stabilization of the lip muscles


(Information of the provider)
Under qualified guidance, Ballovent® can be used in speech therapy and, for example, as exercise and training equipment in physiotherapy and breathing therapy or for musicians, singers etc., as well as in the preparation and follow-up using face shapers, LWZ trainers and Lippbrator.

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Price date: 27.05.2020

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