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Revivo Computergestützte Aphasie-Therapie

Product Type:

Training software

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  1. Revivo Computergestützte Aphasie-Therapie
  2. Revivo Computergestützte Aphasie-Therapie

Areas of Application:

- Speech therapy
- for speech disorders
- for aphasic people


ReVivo enables you to practice speaking independently without speech therapists. We practice with video sequences that show the necessary movements of the muscle groups involved in speaking. So the patient can repeatedly observe and imitate the precise use of the individual articulators (tongue, lips, teeth, soft palate) with every sound in our language.

Features / Components:

- PC, notebook or tablet required
- supports spontaneous remission

Price (without guarantee):

free of charge

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Christoph Silex
Gähkopf 27
70192 Stuttgart
Germany Email: Homepage:


Christoph Silex
Gähkopf 27
70192 Stuttgart
Germany Email: Homepage:

kommhelp e.V.
Horstweg 25
14059 Berlin
Germany Telephone: 030 3260-2572 Email: Homepage:

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