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Memocorby Starter Set

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Training software

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Memocorby Starter Set

Areas of Application:

- Speech therapy
- for speech disorders
- for children


Language learning with Memocorby is based on linguistic, didactic and neuroscientific findings that the most efficient and sustainable way of learning is when the brain is both visual as well as auditory and haptic stimuli and many repetitions.
The starter set consists of 5 digital Memocorby cubes with display, a tablet, the Memocorby app and 200+ validated logopedic exercises as well as an inductive charging station. The app recognizes up to 5 Memocorby cubes at the same time and enables simple individualization of therapies, patient management and statistical evaluation. This enables the therapist to see which word has been successfully practiced and which words need more repetitions. With Memocorby, patients can work in a medical facility or speech therapy practice as well as at home.
The patient sees pictures or reads words on the Memocorby cubes (visual stimulus). Then the patient lifts the correct Memocorby cube (haptic stimulus). When lifting the memocorby cube, the patient hears how the word is pronounced correctly and should repeat the word correctly (auditory stimulus). The patient sees the word, hears it and can grasp it.

Features / Components:

Memocorby cubes
- NFC technology
- haptic, visual and auditory feedback
- LCD color display
- LED technology
- easy to clean and to disinfect
- splash-proof

Memocorby app
- is pre-installed on tablet
- 200 preconfigured and validated exercises
- simple user interface for patients
- application also possible at home
- simple individualization of therapies
- new exercises can be done by the therapist be assigned online
- secure data storage
- analysis of the learning process possible
- simple language change

Note: The Memocorby Premium Set and Memocorby Extension Set cubes are in preparation for 2020.

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Memocorby Systems GmbH
Weyrgasse 8/1
1030 Wien
Austria Telephone: +43 664 88100300 Email: Homepage:


Memocorby Systems GmbH
Weyrgasse 8/1
1030 Wien
Austria Telephone: +43 664 88100300 Email: Homepage:

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