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Orthofix - Trainingsprogramm - Einzellizenz

Product Type:
Programme for visual spelling on DVD

Areas of Application:
- Communication training
- Writing training
- Learning program
- Spelling program
- Visual spelling

Orthofix is a program for systematic learning of clear visual images of words at the letter level. Only with such an inner image of a word and its individual letters can we develop into good and reliable spell-writers.

Word database
- Contains around 18,000 of the most common words in the German vocabulary
- Words can be structured / selected according to various criteria
- Hyphenation can be optional
- Deviations from the soundness can be marked / highlighted

word categories (topic groups)
- Twenty standard topic groups
- Selectable by maximum number of letters
- Selectability according to the first letter
- Selection also possible according to special problem areas

Word problems
- Any number new own (problem)
- words can be easily assigned - the existing vocabulary / topic groups can be easily assigned
- hyphenation and deviations in sound accuracy can be easily defined

student administration / database
- can be combined with the new administration MediTOOLS (but can also be used alone)
- all training runs will be det detailed list
- all previous results are summarized
- further training measures are suggested / recommended
optics / appearance- any background can be set / defined
- font and font color can be selected from numerous specifications
- colors for possible highlighting can be set - Highlighting of the hyphenation optionally switchable

New product features
- if an internet connection is available, the program automatically updates to the latest program version
- the number of words has been increased to more than 18,000 (Orthofix 2.0 contained around 10,000 words)
- Articles of the words can also be displayed - In the training process, the words can be read out completely
- Word properties: Article, word length, number of syllables, degree of difficulty, stem form, part of speech
- you can also filter for these properties ... and many other additional setting options.

Technical Data:
System requirements tongues
- PC operating systems Windows Vista / Windows 7, 8 or 10
- processor: Pentium II 233 MHz or more powerful
- hard disk space: min. 100 MB free RAM: min. 64 MB HD (recommended 128 MB)
- CD-ROM drive
- Sound card: Soundblaster 16 bit (compatible)
- Graphics card: S-VGA (compatible) additionally:
- PC speakers or headphones

Price (without guarantee):
75.00 EUR including VAT
retail price
price date: 22.07.2020

Product information of Manufacturer/Distributor:

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MediTECH Electronic GmbH


MediTECH Electronic GmbH

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