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Product Type:
Learning program for developing writing and reading skills

Areas of Application:
- Communication training
- Reading training
- Writing training
- Aphasia

The exercise program consists of 12 exercise sequences with increasing levels of difficulty and of exercise offers based on the Logogen model. The goal of the exercise program is the systematic development of the relationships between graphemes and phonemes of the German language. A further goal is the improvement of strategies in reading and writing.
3rd, completely revised and expanded edition. This new edition has been extensively expanded with 30 exercise sheets on function words (prepositions, adverbs, articles, conjunctions, interrogative particles, pronouns, derivatives).

Features / Components:
- individual development of phonemes and graphemes
- stimulation of holistically stored word knowledge
- important phonotactic and orthographic rules
- exercises on word form
- puzzle exercises
- material for reading aloud
- dictation templates

- Exercise program in the folder
- CD-ROM with dictation specifications
- 166 worksheets (copy templates)
- Letter box with capital and Lower case letters

Price (without guarantee):
79.90 EUR
Retail price (including VAT)
Price date: 29.09.2020



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ProLog Therapie- und Lernmittel GmbH


ProLog Therapie- und Lernmittel GmbH

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