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Lesen 2000 plus Rechtschreibtrainer

Product Type:
Training software
Learning software

Areas of Application:
- Elementary and secondary schools
- Special education up to 1st-7th Class
- Speech Therapy and Speech Therapy
- Therapy of LRS / Dyslexia
- Special Education
- German as a Second and Foreign Language
- Integration Courses for Migrants
- Learning Aid and Parental Home

Reading therapy program with spelling trainer. The program includes 31 motivational learning and game modules designed to help children improve their language skills. The program is easy to use and contains graphics suitable for children. Even children with little computer experience can cope with the clearly structured start menu. Only when you click on one of the 5 areas in the left menu will the associated learning modules become visible. This is important for children with problems with the acquisition of written language, since they switch off easily when they are visually overwhelmed. Hundreds of different exercises with different levels of difficulty link pictures, words, puzzles and voice recordings for multi-channel learning.

Price (without guarantee):
Private license: EUR 42.00 incl. VAT (recommended retail price)
Single seat license (school / institution): EUR 65.00 including VAT (recommended retail price)
School license: EUR 399.00 VAT (recommended retail price)
Price date: 07/01/2020

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Hans Zybura Software


Hans Zybura Software

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