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Assistive Product Phrenicus Nervenstimulator (PNS) Atrostim V2.0

Product Type:

Stimulator with partial implants
Technique: Phrenicus nerve stimulator


Central respiratory insufficiency can result from injuries to the cervical spine at the level of C2. Hypoventilation is often caused by congenital or acquired damage such as stroke, tumors or intoxication. In these cases there is a dependency on breathing aid. As an alternative to a mechanical respirator, physiological ventilation through an implanted Atrostim Phrenicius Nerve Stimulator (PNS) can be considered.
Nerve electrodes and stimulators are implanted during surgery. For safety, two independent stimulators are always used, which are fixed to the induction coils.
The diaphragmatic muscle is stimulated by the electrical impulses and thus enables physiological breathing (warmed up and purified breath). Under certain circumstances, blocked tracheostomy tubes are replaced; this also enables speaking (closure flap, phonation window). The constant increase in respiratory volume can then be achieved by training the diaphragm muscle. In addition, this is supported by the function of the regular sigh. With the phrenic nerve stimulator Atrostim 2.0, the patient is much more free and independent in their movements.

Features / Components:

  • 2 independent channels
  • Stimulation modes: left unilateral, right unilateral, bilateral
  • Stimulation pulse: biphasic, constant current pulses, primary pulse width 200μs
  • Energy transfer takes place by means of magnetic transmission of the energy pulse through the intact skin.
  • Battery capacity: one week with a fully charged 12 V battery, 8 hours with a 9 V battery


  • control unit
  • programming module
  • connection cable
  • transmission coil
  • transmission cable
  • battery charger 12 V
  • battery with connection cable
  • Battery charger 9 V
  • NiMH battery
  • 2 implant stimulators
  • 2 electrodes

Price (without guarantee):

The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.

Product Information from the Manufacturer / Distributor:

Further Product Details

Further Information

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Hermiankatu 6-8F
33720 Tampere
Finland Telephone: +358 3 3831300 Email: Homepage:


Börgel GmbH
Beatmungsmedizinische Dienstleistungen und Technik
An der Meil 4
65555 Limburg a. d. Lahn
Germany Telephone: 06431 94710 Email: Homepage:

Options / Accessories:

  • Optional equipment available for children

Technical Data:

Breath rate: 8-35 / min
Inspiration time (ID): 0.5-4 / s
Maximum interval time of the simulation pulse (PI): 30-99 ms
Minimum interval time of the simulation pulse: 30-99 ms
Sigh interval: every 0- 99 breaths
Sigh duration: 0-9 / s
Threshold current: 0-5 mA
Tidal volume (AZV): 0-5 mA
Increase in AZV current: 0-90% ID
Dimensions control unit (H x D x W): 28 x 185 x 88 mm
Dimensions implant stimulator (H x W): 6 x 44 mm (disc shape)
Weight control unit: 450 g
Weight implant stimulator: 15 g
Weight 12 V battery: 600 g
Weight 9 V -Battery: 45 g



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