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MOWOOT II Pneumatik-Tischgerät und Manschette

Product Type:
Massager Colon-Massage

Areas of Application:
- chronic constipation (constipation)
- intestinal transit disorder (slow transit constipation)
- neurogenic intestinal dysfunction
- intestinal management

The intestinal transit management system MOWOOT II is used for treatment chronic constipation (constipation), especially in the case of an intestinal transit disorder (slow transit constipation). MOWOOT II pursues the purpose of bringing about a gentle and effective bowel management. The treatment is based on the colon massage, it is non-invasive, only works from the outside and does not require any medication.

- pregnancy
- acute abdominal tumor disease
- unstable vertebral fracture
- acute inflammatory processes in the abdomen

use only after consultation with the attending doctor in the following cases:
- intra-abdominal implant (e.g. pump, catheter , SARS implant) if
this is located between the colon and the pneumatically operated actuators of the
- abdominal stoma,
- cerebral shunt
- inguinal, umbilical or abdominal hernia
- rectum- / Vaginal prolapse

Features / Components:
- Exoperistalsis (external stimulation) of the intestinal region
- Application and mode of action similar to colon massage
- Purely physical effect, non-invasive, non-medicinal
- Available in 4 sizes depending on the waist circumference
- Reimbursement of costs by health insurance possible (since the device is not yet listed in the list of medical aids, the distributor offers support with the application)

- Pneumatic tabletop device
- Ex Operistaltik cuff
- locking plug
- power supply unit

Price (without guarantee):
1,699.00 EUR
(retail price excluding VAT)
Price date: 04.02.2021




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