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KT Motion

Product Type:
Muscle stimulator

Areas of Application:
- Bring paralyzed or atrophied muscles to contraction
- Trigger movements

- Neurological diseases
- Muscle atrophy due to inactivity
- Muscle atrophy after nerve injuries
- Peripheral paralysis
- Muscular imbalance
- Orthopedic diseases
- Pain

- Pacemaker and electrically operated implants
- Pregnancy
- Skin defects, inflammations or tumors in the electrode contact area
- Status epilepticus
- Febrile infections
- Lack of patient compliance in home use

After a stroke or accident, many patients are restricted in their mobility due to paralysis and spasticity. Even after rehabilitation, regular training of lost movement sequences is usually necessary. KT Motion supports the patients with their exercises at home by means of functional electrical stimulation. Various muscles are stimulated using adhesive electrodes on the skin. The device promotes the compensation of missing functions in central and peripheral paralyzes. Up to four muscle groups can be stimulated and complex, everyday movements can be carried out in a targeted manner. The electrical impulses activate the affected muscles and provide the nervous system with stimuli for initiating functional movements. With the dynamic and intuitive sensor control, patients can determine when, how long and how intensively they want to carry out the movements.

Features / Components:
- 4 stimulation channels, 2 of which with EMG function
- Biofeedback
- Exponential current
- FES with sensor for dynamic intensity control (DIS)
- EMG-triggered multi-channel stimulation to trigger functional movements
- Dynamic control of the stimulation intensity enables everyday movements and supports task-oriented training
- Contralateral control: the patient controls the duration and strength of the stimulation using a flex switch on the healthy hand - affected hand follows the movement

Technical Data:
Pulse shapes: square (biphasic square pulse) triangle (biphasic triangular pulse, asymmetrical triangular pulse)
Frequency: 1-100 Hz 0.1-8 Hz
Pulse width: 10-500 ìs 20-250 ms
Power supply: 3.35 Ah lithium-ion -Battery, medical plug-in power supply
Weight: 432g
Dimensions (LXWXH): 172 X 92 X 39 mm

Options / Accessories:
- bending sensor
- charging station
- intensity regulator
- hand switch

Price (without guarantee):
The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.


CE 0123 / CE-Zeichen

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MEDEL Medizinische Elektronik Handelsgesellschaft mbH




MEDEL Medizinische Elektronik Handelsgesellschaft mbH

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