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Assistive Product EchoTech XP

Product Type:

Muscle stimulator / continence stimulator / biofeedback device
Technology: EMG (electromyography)

Areas of Application:

- Treatment of incontinence
- Strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles


- Pelvic floor weakness
- Mixed incontinence
- Overactive bladder / urge incontinence
- Strengthening of the pelvic floor / slight bladder weakness
- fecal incontinence
- condition after prostate surgery
- neurofeedback


EchoTech XP is a biofeedback system to strengthen the pelvic floor. The patient trains the muscles in the pelvic floor with the help of stored voice commands and visualization signals. The EchoTech XP measures your own exertion (pelvic floor EMG) and sends back direct feedback to the patient via voice and image instructions. The data is saved and can be read by the doctor.

Features / Components:

- audiovisual feedback
- extensive therapy history memory
- individual programming
- external and internal system possible
- animated display
- automatic switch-off after 10 minutes of interruption of use
- Software for statistics and patient database


- EchoTech XP biofeedback device (EMG)
- Device stand
- Pack of 4 adhesive pads
- 2 connecting cables for the electrodes / probes
- Battery
- Probe
- Electrode gel
- Operating instructions
- Transport conta

Price (without guarantee):

The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.


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Product Information from the Manufacturer / Distributor:

Further Product Details

Further Information

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Atlantic Therapeutics Ltd
Parkmore Business Park West
Ireland Telephone: +353 91 774-348 Email: Homepage:


neurotech Vital GmbH
Im Oberwiesen 9
88682 Salem
Germany Telephone: 07553 59099000 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

- Battery type (alkaline): 9 V 6F 22 (direct current)
- Battery voltage: 7.4 V - 9.5 V
- Service life: 25 h
- Adhesive pads, diameter: 50 mm
- Measuring range: 1 to 2000 μV
- Sensitivity: 1 μV

Options / Accessories:

- Vaginal probe
- Anal probe
- Electrode gel



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