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Assistive Product Kontaktloses Wand-Fieberthermometer InstaMon SafeEntry

Product Type:

body thermometer


The Instamon SafeEntry clinical thermometer measures the body temperature on the forehead in a non-contact manner. It is attached to the wall of the room and operated wirelessly from a battery. The device does not emit any energy during the measurement process, but only records the heat radiation emitted by the human body at a distance of up to two meters. People are recognized fully automatically and guided to the optimal measuring position using a simple arrow system on the display. The measurement only takes a short moment. There are several options for wall mounting, such as screws / dowels and magnetic adhesive pads.

Features / Components:

- Housing front made of anodized aluminum
- Housing made of brushed stainless steel
- Battery operation
- Optional power supply unit
- Battery life maximum five years, optional to be extended to a maximum of ten years
- sensor: passive infrared
- range: up to two meters
- automatic person recognition including feedback via LED display
- measurement result optical, optionally also acoustic
- housing and front as well as LED colors optionally according to customer requirements changeable

Price (without guarantee):

The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.

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pikkerton GmbH
Wohlrabedamm 16
13629 Berlin
Germany Telephone: 030 33007240 Email: Homepage:


pikkerton GmbH
Wohlrabedamm 16
13629 Berlin
Germany Telephone: 030 33007240 Email: Homepage:

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